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On many bottles, a single-digit date code along with the diamond/oval/I mark may indicate the 1930s.

From information compiled in Bill Lockhart’s article (link below) on Owens-Illinois’ date code markings, it appears that, on containers with this earliest trademark, if a single digit date code (such as “O” or “1” placed to the right of the logo) the chances are very good the bottle in question dates from the 1940s, especially the 1940-1947 period.

Give the bottle a good shake each time before using.

"Lumpy" liquid laundry detegemts should not be used in automatic dispensers because they may clog the dispenser.

So is that bottle of detergent that you bought a couple of years ago still safe to use?

Most of the pro-Japan inscriptions date to between February and March 1943. Finally, diameters in inches are given for rims and bases, when possible. Partridge, Elizabeth (editor) 1994 Dorothea Lange: A Visual Life. 1976 Final Report On the Excavations of Ca-MNO- 607, Adobe Valley, Mono County, California. MS, California Department of Transportation, Sacramento.

The expres- sions of hatred suggest a strong resentment against the United States as well as emotional attachment to Japan. Measurements are given in inches and fractions 794 of inches, rather than in centimeters and millimeters, because ceramic tableware was made and marketed in inches and is thus the most relevant scale here. In addition to decoration, other clues to the identification of nonvitreous wares including "crazing" or discolored areas on the glazed surface.

However, one inscription presents a wish for peace. 1942 unknown George Creek Ditch (retaining wall) unknown Cap wall added to dam on Bairs Creek April 1 Small slab at Administration Block May 8 Blk 34, Barr 2 entry June 10 Traffic circle at Administration Block June 26 Airport hanger apron August 7-9 Blk 22 pond Nov. Body The "Body" of a ceramic item reflects what prehistorians often refer to as "paste," and is roughly equivalent to "ware" as understood by historical archeologists. Jackson 1964 Structural Geology and Volcanism of Owens Valley Region, California— A Geophysical Study.

The inscriptions were written on wet concrete, sometimes in a careless manner. The inscriptions include over 40 dates (Table A.l), 50 different names, and numerous initials. 26-28 South Fields (ditch)* March 2-3 Reservoir cap wall* March 10 South Fields (ditch)* March 26 North Fields (N. ditch) March 23 North Wells pipeline May 14 Blk 17 entry? Second, following this assess- ment, is a "shorthand" description of all the parts of the MV actually observed, using the names of the vessel portions present, joined by dashes (-) to show their continuity. Payne, Harriet Chaffey 1993 The Chaff eys in Owens Valley. Gerry 1976 Final Report on Test Excavations of CA-MNO- 607, Adobe Valley, Mono County, California.

Nearly all appear to have been made by Japanese Americans interned at the relocation center. English inscriptions include names and dates, expressions of love, present and former addresses, and whimsical sayings. ditch)* March 30 Bairs Creek Ditch (weir box)f June 6-11 North Fields (N. May 21 Blk 11, Barr 6 entry June 6 Blk 10, Barr 11 faucet overflow basin * associated pro-Japan or anti-U. statements t includes a fallacious 1940 date 666 Figure A.l. For exam- ple, "cup rim-body-ftrng-base" would indicate that the portion of the vessel present in the MV grouping was a cup with the rim, body, foot ring, and base present. 1990 Characteristics of Bifacial-Reduction Flake-Size Distribution. Newsletter for Friends of the Eastern California Museum 9(2): 1-6. 1975 Cultural Resource Assessment of the Bodie Road from State Highway 395 to a Point near the State Park of Bodie, Mono County, California. MS, California Department of Transportation, Sacramento.

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Many LGBTQ Jews felt they needed to hide a primary part of themselves in order to remain involved in their Jewish communities.

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While you can't apply a one-size-fits-all response to sexual dating rules regardless of age or experience, professionals who have studied the topic say it is a good idea to develop a set of prudent dating rules - before the big date.

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Green appeared briefly in the multiple award-winning Showtime drama series Resurrection Blvd.