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Although the classical Contradiction Matrix remains a conceptually very important element of the TRIZ toolkit, its age often means that users have difficulty using it successfully across a wide range of modern-day problem settings.

The paper discusses a systematic programme of patent and science based research that has culminated in the production of a range of new Matrices.

In particular, the paper discusses the creation of a new generic Matrix aimed at technical applications.

This new Matrix updates both the form and content of the original Matrix by updating and expanding the list of parameters it contains, updating and increasing the Inventive Principle recommendations for each contradiction, and also making it easier for users to connect their specific problem to the generic framework.

This paper presents a TRIZ-based approach for a fast and systematic problem definition and contradiction identification, which could be useful both for engineers and students facing mechatronic problems.

Considering a mechatronic product as a system resulting from the integration of different technologies, the problem definition reveals two kinds of contradictions: 1) the mono-disciplinary contradictions within a homogenous sub-system, e.g., only mechanical or only electrical; 2) the interdisciplinary contradictions resulting from the interaction of the mechatronic sub-systems (mechanics, electrics, control and software).

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Problem definition and identification of contradictions in the interdisciplinary areas of mechatronic engineering Didier Casner, Pavel Livotov (Offenburg Univ., Germany), Rémy Houssin, Jean Renaud (INSA Strasbourg, France) The modern TRIZ is today considered as the most organized and comprehensive methodology for knowledge-driven invention and innovation.

I am asking for the permission of citing them here to the copyrighters, i.e., the Authors, ETRIA Board, and the Publisher (Elsevier or Springer).

The case was reverse engineered by me to educate budding innovators.

I firmly believe that by using 'Systematic Innovation Toolkit' organisations will immensly benefit by coming up with innovative solutions to their pressing challenges.

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