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Lola Bunny is a Looney Tunes cartoon character portrayed as an anthropomorphic female rabbit. She was created as "female merchandising counterpart" to Bugs Bunny. In response, Bugs is instantly smitten and several other male characters ogle at her. She is shown with tan fur, blonde bangs, and wears a purple rubber band on both ears like a ponytail. Lola has a "curvaceous body", wears tight clothes, and poses seductively when she first appears on screen.Buster Bunny: [as they fall down a waterfall] You might say that! [Buster drenches her again] Babs Bunny: I MISS BEING DRY! Buster Bunny: Ah, relax, enjoy, the sound of the water, the soft croaking of the frog, the quiet whispering of the wind through your ears... Buster Bunny: Don't worry, Babs, he's just trying to communicate. Babs Bunny: You know, that music does have some kind of... [deeper voice] Babs Bunny: If you know what I mean. [grabs Byron in a dress] Babs Bunny: Meet the missus. Buster Bunny: You know, Babsy and I want to tell you about the time we had riding down the river. Ship Captain: This little girl may just be what we need for our big show. Babs Bunny: [impersonating Lucille Ball] But Ricky, I wanna be in the show! Buster Bunny, Babs Bunny: [singing] We're waiting for the clock to strike three/ When it's three o'clock we'll be free. Babs Bunny: [speaks] we haven't eaten in weeks. and your uncanny resemblance to a drowned rat when you get drenched. Babs Bunny: We've got snappers and crackers and poppers and bangers. Babs Bunny: [after losing the Aligators in the fireworks] Happy Independence Day. Little Boo: [thinking Babs is a man] Are you married? Babs Bunny: [transforms into Tina Turner and sings] Hey! Babs Bunny: [while escaping from the killer, parody of Loretta Lynn, sings with Byron] I was born a coal digger's daughter. Plucky Duck: Then it's adios, Looniversity/ All: Summertime is coming finally! Superman: [flying in and catching them] I do, kids. Babs Bunny: [singing] Veal parmigiana, veal parmigiana! Babs Bunny: Possums Buster Bunny: Gators Babs Bunny: Dinner Theater Buster Bunny: Main Course Babs Bunny: Options Buster Bunny: One Babs Bunny: Bolt? Babs Bunny: I was wondering how those hack writers were going to wrap things up. Elmer Fudd: Welcome back to Acme Woo/ for a new school year! [speaks] Babs Bunny: These are the jokes, folks, so feel free to laugh anytime... Buster Bunny: [falling toward a hole in the ground] A plot hole? Shirley the Loon: For my next incarnation/ I'm coming as a nun!

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In the episode, The Acme Bowl, Buster mentions to the viewers that the only reason he became a quarterback is so that he could date the head cheerleader, who is none other than Babs Bunny.

Optical Intrusion - Furrball accidentally glues a pair of magnetic 3-D glasses to his face and attempts to remove them Win, Lose Or Kerplowie - Babs, Plucky and Montana Max compete on a game show.

After Buster discovers that Max is cheating, he kidnaps the host and takes his place to get revenge on Max.

Bugs Bunny Home Run Derby, Swing the pitches as they cross the plate and hit enough home runs to go to the next level.

Bugs Bunny takes aim in a Home Run Derby for the ages!

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College pastor Philip Huxley, whom Freeman affectionately calls “Preacha Hux,” was waiting at the door with several members of the security team to escort the unemployed Freeman to the church’s singles’ ministry on the other side of the property.

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